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Unique Costume: DIY Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume!

Why not be bold and try a unique Halloween Costume this year?! Be the Morton Salt Girl! How cute is this costume! The theme appears to be blue and yellow and quite cheerful! Be that standout costume that everyone instantly recognizes and thinks is so clever! And just in case it rains, your DIY costume includes an umbrella! Score!


1. Yellow Vintage V-Neck Swing Dress is such a pretty standout, eye-catching color and just makes you want to twirl around when you slip it on!

2. Yellow Mary Jane Vintage Pumps with an adjustable strap are so cute and a step above the rest with a cute heel!

3. Yellow Long Sleeved Bolero Sweater will keep your warm on Halloween night!

4. Blue Velvet Clutch is a sleek accessory to keep your items in on Halloween night as well as keep you in character with the Morton Salt Girl blue and yellow theme!

5. White Semi Opaque Tights are sleek and the perfect match like the girl on the salt box!

6. Steel Blue Umbrella with a wooden stick tops off the costume and will be a great accessory just in case it rains, you will be prepared!

7. Yellow Headband is a cute way to complete the Morton Salt Girl look with that pop of color and now you’re all set!