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Scream Queens: Chanel Oberlin Halloween Inspired Costume.

Listen Up, Chanel #1 has entered the room & all eyes are on her! She’s the Queen Bee of Scream Queens, that’s right, Leader of the Pack! With her witty lines on the TV show & her combo of glamour girl meets classy take on fashion, she dominates Scream Queens! Why not dominate Halloween Night as Chanel Oberlin and rule the night in style! Go ahead, take a chance!


1. Two Tone Shaggy Pink & White Faux Fur Coat is top of the line as only Chanel No. 1 would like, after all, she’s the leader of the pack!

2. Retro Silky Bow Tie Blouse is pretty and ultra feminine, just like Chanel.

3. Wavy, Curly, Oversized Round Butterfly Brown Sunglasses are large (in personality) & in charge like Chanel. As everyone knows, she’s the BOSS!

4. White, Peep Toe, T-Strap, High Heel Platform Sandals stands tall as Chanel makes the rules for the Chanels and everyone listens up, because she demands their attention!

5. Pink Shoulder Messenger Bag is the perfect fit for her outfit, as Chanel gets exactly what she wants, it’s her way or no way!

6. Houndstooth Above The Knee Pencil Skirt is always classy and in style as only Chanel the Queen Bee was meant to be!

Have a Happy Chanel-O-Ween!