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Be International: 12 World Traveler Halloween Costume Ideas!

Fasten your seat belts, international travelers! Time to get out your passports and pack your luggage! We’re about to take a trip around the world in these fun Traveler Halloween Costumes! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

world_map_traveler_womens_skater_dress_costumeThe Women’s Retro World Map Travel Skater Dress Costume will make you the jet setter you’ve always wanted to be!

womens_antique_world_map_bodycon_dress_traveler_costumeThe Women’s Antique world Map 1913 Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress has international girl written all over you! Why not wrap your curves in the world map that is sure to let you escape to another adventurous part of the world!

world_traveler_halloween_costumeThe Women’s World Traveler Costume will make you stand out and be ready for whatever fun adventure comes your way! You’ll keep warm, in style and ready to explore! How cute is the hat with the costume?!

mens_hawaiin_maps_shirt_costumeThe Men’s Hawaiin Maps Shirt Costume will have you at a luau in no time! Get ready to dance and have fun! Aloha!

wheres_waldo_male_costumeThe Where’s Waldo Male Adult Costume will have you constantly on the go and have everyone wondering where you’re off to next! Go ahead, let the explorer in you shine!

halloween_pet_costume_wheres_waldo_woofThe Where’s Waldo Halloween Pet Costume is so darn cute! Let your pet be the talk of the town and keep the other pets wondering how he or she gets to travel the world so often! Lucky pup, I guess!

wheres_waldo_women_dress_costumeThe Where’s Wanda Female Waldo Costume is quite the adventurous one! She’s always on the go and always stylish in the process! Go ahead, make your jet set dreams come true!;)

wheres_waldo_womens_costume_travelerThe Women’s Where’s Waldo Halloween Costume is playful and is always ready to go within a moments notice! She’s always prepared to explore and has fun tales upon returning from her many adventures!

antique_europe_map_skater_flare_dress_halloween_costumeThe colorful Women’s Antique Europe Map Flare Skater Dress Costume will keep heads spinning with the many adventures she has to tell as she twirls all about the world having a roaring great time! She has fun wherever she goes!

womens_world_map_sundressThe sexy Women’s World Map Travel Halloween Sundress costume will reveal which destination is perfect for you, the perfect fit to satisfy your jet set dreams!

unisex_world_map_snapback_hat_travel_costumeThe Unisex Cotton World Map Snapback Hat proves to be top of  the game as you explore the world! You’ll be one step ahead of making your travel dreams come true!

unisex_world_map_shirt_costumeThe Unisex World Map T-shirt has international traveler written all over it! Go ahead, be inspired by wearing the shirt and then take action and make your international dreams come true!