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Be A Barbie Girl DIY Halloween Costume!

Why not BE a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World for Halloween? Go ahead, think pink! Toy Story Barbie is perfectly colorful for a night out on the town! Be as girlie as can be & have fun on Halloween!


1. Blonde Wig is the perfect accessory to style up in a ponytail for your Barbie look!

2. Extra Large Pink Bow Hair Clip will make your ponytail pretty in pink!

3. Turquoise Blue Metallic Bodysuit is sleek and shiny! You’ll be sure to stand out!

4. Pink Suede High Heel Platform Pump will have you standing tall with confidence!

5. Rainbow Leg Warmers will not only make your look playful, but also keep your legs warm!

6. Pink Faux Leather Stretchy Belt will be the perfect pop of pink to complete your Barbie Doll look!

Have fun on Halloween, Barbie Girl!