Halloween Costume Ideas: Wolverine & Storm in X-men.

I love the X-men movies & was inspired to put together a costume for Storm while looking online & seeing Eva from America’s Next Top Model in disguise during one of her October costumed birthday parties!
Halle_Berry_Xmen_Storm_Costume Eva_Storm_Xmen_Americas_Next_Top_Model
Items to become Storm for Halloween: Long White Wig w/bangs (or Short Wig), Long Black Gloves, X-men Storm Belt Buckle & Patent Leather Tight Sleek Bodysuit.
Long_White_Wig_Storm_Halloween_Costume Patent_Leather_Bodysuit_Halloween_Costume_Storm_Xmen

Wolverine was also one of my favorite characters in X-men!
Hugh_Jackman_Xmen_Wolverine_Costume Hugh_Jackman_Xmen_Wolverine_Costume_3
Here are a few costume pieces to complete his look: Wolverine Origins Adult Claws, Wolverine Costume WigWolverine Dog Tags, Indian Chief Head Belt Buckle and a pair of dark jeans & a white tank top & you’re all set.

Wolverine_Claws_Halloween_Costume_Ideas Wolverine_ Costume_Xmen_Wig_Halloween_Costume