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Halloween costume ideas

Queen of the Nile: Cleopatra Egyptian Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is approaching quickly…so exciting! Why not rule Halloween night as an Egyptian Queen or King! You’ll be so regal, royal and have all eyes on you in one of these gorgeous costumes where gold rules! Go ahead & step in character and let your inner queen & king shine bright!

The Women’s Egyptian Goddess Costume will be the ruler of any party she walks into! The costume looks full on regal and the color combination is eye catching, especially with the pop of gold & fringe!

The Women’s Cleopatra Costume steps into the room and she instantly rules with her elegance at a glance!

The Cleopatra Egyptian Costume enjoys the spotlight and doesn’t mind commanding the attention of any Halloween event she attends! The color gold speaks volumes & she lights up the night!

The Ancient Egyptian Queen Cosplay Costume is sexy and she knows it, yet confident and reveals her inner and outer beauty with this fabulous costume! She’s open to a fun and adventurous Halloween!

The Men’s Egyptian Pharaoh Costume stands confident with great style. The gold belt & headpiece truly makes him standout at any Halloween event!

The Exquisite Cleopatra Costume is a fashionista from head(piece) to toe. Her no fuss costume allows her inner and outer elegance to shine right through!

The King of Egypt Pharaoh Costume rules Halloween the minute he arrives. His presence speaks volumes with such a strong costume and a bold color combination! He is not to be missed!

The Women’s Queen of the Nile Egyptian Costume is sweet and subtle yet makes quite the statement as the gold steals the spotlight allowing her to feel like royalty!

The Queen of the Nile Egyptian Costume is modest yet her presence steals the spotlight!

The Men’s Pharaoh Costume stands tall and confident. He officially rules the night at  any Halloween event! The headpiece and belt are true standout pieces!

The Women’s Nefertiti Costume is a knockout. She knows all eyes will be on her when she steps into any Halloween event and doesn’t mind the attention. She’s confidently secure in her gold bodycon gown which flares out at the bottom. The dress flows as she walks and she commands automatically commands attention with each step!

The Cleopatra Women’s Egyptian Costume is a natural born leader. She commands attention in a subtle way, yet incredibly stylish at the same time!

The Men’s Egyptian Costume knows that he rules. He steps into a Halloween event and immediately has the spotlight, because his costume is a unique version & ready rule the night!

Medieval Times: Top 13 Renaissance Halloween Costumes!

Each day gets more exciting knowing that Halloween is only weeks away! Why not rule the night in a Renaissance costume! Have fun during the Medieval times! You’ll be both glamorous and regal at once, definitely standout costumes!

The Blue, Burgundy & Grey Renaissance Costume is regal from head to toe, ready to step into any Halloween event with grace!

The Purple & Gold Guinevere Renaissance Costume is royal and commands attention as she walks into a fun Halloween event!

The Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume stands tall and is confident that her costume is perfect for a night of celebrating Halloween!

The Red & Gold Renaissance Maiden Costume is gorgeous & her costume commands attention, but it’s what inside that truly counts!  In this costume let your inner beauty shine so bright that it reflects on the outside!

The King Arthur Costume is royalty and is confident that he will rule the night and have fun wherever he goes!

The Gold, Blue & White Renaissance Costume speaks volumes when she walks in the Halloween costume party. She’s regal inside and out!

The Women’s Queen of Thrones Costume is sexy yet regal at the same time! She has all eyes on her as she steps into any Halloween event!

The Women’s Medieval Beauty Blue & Gold Costume is a beautiful color combination with a gorgeous and gold sparkly headpiece! She’s confidently sparkles the night away with her graceful presence!

The Noble Knight Costume understands that while he is a sight to be seen, on the inside, he has a heart of gold!

The Deluxe Renaissance Faire Queen Costume easily directs attention her way, yet it’s her grace and smile that draws everyone in! She’s a delight to have at any Halloween event!

The Women’s Medieval Enchantress Royal Maiden Costume is a gorgeous burgundy color that doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd! She’s bold, has all eyes on her at every event, but most of all, it’s her inner beauty that shines inside out! Go ahead, command the night with your presence!

The Lady in Waiting Renaissance Costume is graceful and subtle yet packs a powerful punch and will rule the night as her presence commands the night in all of her stylish glory!

The Men’s Knight of the Round Table Costume has all eyes on him, yet he rules the knight with his heart and that makes all the difference! He’ll be the talk of the night at any Halloween event he attends!

Super Hero: Top 10 Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is getting closer than you think! Have you seen the trailer for the new Wonder Woman movie coming in 2017? The glowing lasso as well as the Matrix-like special effects has me super excited! Why not save the day in your Wonder Woman Halloween costume! Let red, blue and gold reign as you lasso the night out to a great Halloween party! Be strong, be fierce & be fearless…BE Wonder Woman! You GLOW girl!

The Deluxe Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice stands tall and fierce, ready to take on a fun Halloween party & accessorized to perfection!

The DC Comics Wonder Woman Cape Dress stands out from the rest and is quite the fashionista!

The Wonder Woman 5-Piece Costume Set With Headpiece is sexy and confident, ready to take on the night and may even be prepared for a dance battle at she enjoys any Halloween event she attends!

The DC Comics Super Girl Costume is ready to twirl into any Halloween event and have all eyes on her! She is stylish yet fierce!

The Wonder Woman Power of Justice costume was made to be fierce and unlike any other! Her style as well as her techniques makes her a top candidate for a fierce night to take on any Halloween contest. The gold piping on the costume really adds that something extra to the power of justice costume which makes all the difference!

The Wonder Woman Pants Set costume is sleek and ready to protect the candy that she collects throughout the night! She’ll lasso someone right in if they try to collect her goodies!

The Wonder Woman Babe Costume Set has a bit of a vintage retro appeal which makes it a natural stunner, sexy yet powerful!

The Cosplay Anime Wonder Woman Costume Set is playful and powerful! Don’t let the stylish one fool you, she comes ready to slay with lasso in hand!

The Deluxe Wonder Woman Long Dress Costume is sweet and sassy! She may twirl right into your Halloween event and take your breath away! She stands strong, powerful and ready to lasso in a great Halloween night!

The DC Comics Wonder Woman costume takes her stance as being quite fashionable and ready to twirl the Halloween night away! She is fashionable, fierce and fabulously ready to slay!

And here is a bonus DIY Wonder Woman Inspired Costume! I came up with this idea while eyeing my DC Comics Wonder Woman glass that I recently got as a prize from Dave & Buster’s after cashing in my tickets won from playing games with friends! Score!
1. Red Plunge Neck Bodysuit.

2. Red, Gold & Silver Rhinestone Crown Tiara With Comb.

3. Red Faux Suede High Heel Pumps.

4. DC Comics Wonder Woman Logo Necklace.

5. Stretch Blue High Waisted Midi Skirt.

6. Elastic Gold Faux Leather Wide Belt.

7. Gold Tone Bangle Cuff Bracelet.

Unique Costume: DIY Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume!

Why not be bold and try a unique Halloween Costume this year?! Be the Morton Salt Girl! How cute is this costume! The theme appears to be blue and yellow and quite cheerful! Be that standout costume that everyone instantly recognizes and thinks is so clever! And just in case it rains, your DIY costume includes an umbrella! Score!


1. Yellow Vintage V-Neck Swing Dress is such a pretty standout, eye-catching color and just makes you want to twirl around when you slip it on!

2. Yellow Mary Jane Vintage Pumps with an adjustable strap are so cute and a step above the rest with a cute heel!

3. Yellow Long Sleeved Bolero Sweater will keep your warm on Halloween night!

4. Blue Velvet Clutch is a sleek accessory to keep your items in on Halloween night as well as keep you in character with the Morton Salt Girl blue and yellow theme!

5. White Semi Opaque Tights are sleek and the perfect match like the girl on the salt box!

6. Steel Blue Umbrella with a wooden stick tops off the costume and will be a great accessory just in case it rains, you will be prepared!

7. Yellow Headband is a cute way to complete the Morton Salt Girl look with that pop of color and now you’re all set!

Be A Barbie Girl DIY Halloween Costume!

Why not BE a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World for Halloween? Go ahead, think pink! Toy Story Barbie is perfectly colorful for a night out on the town! Be as girlie as can be & have fun on Halloween!


1. Blonde Wig is the perfect accessory to style up in a ponytail for your Barbie look!

2. Extra Large Pink Bow Hair Clip will make your ponytail pretty in pink!

3. Turquoise Blue Metallic Bodysuit is sleek and shiny! You’ll be sure to stand out!

4. Pink Suede High Heel Platform Pump will have you standing tall with confidence!

5. Rainbow Leg Warmers will not only make your look playful, but also keep your legs warm!

6. Pink Faux Leather Stretchy Belt will be the perfect pop of pink to complete your Barbie Doll look!

Have fun on Halloween, Barbie Girl!