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Scream Queens: Chanel #3 Halloween Inspired DIY Costume.

October as well as Halloween is quickly approaching! Why not dress up as Scream Queens Chanel #3. She is super girlie with an edge, fun style! She personalizes her look with her infamous Princess Leia inspired jeweled earmuffs. Go ahead, find your inner Chanel and make it your very own! Here is a look to channel your inner Chanel #3.


1. Colorful Faux Fur Coat will keep you warm as well as be quite the bold fashion statement!

2. Pink Faux Fur Earmuffs with Rhinestone Studded Accents are cozy, jeweled to perfection and so pretty in pink!

3. White Pearl Cluster Silver Chain Necklace will elegantly drape your neck!

4. A Line Light Solid Printed Blue Skater Dress will make you want to twist and turn!

5. Mesh Slip-On High Top Wedge Sneaker will have you stepping up in style at any Halloween event.

6. Austrian Crystal Bangle Cuff will make you sparkle with joy!

Scream Queens: Chanel Oberlin Halloween Inspired Costume.

Listen Up, Chanel #1 has entered the room & all eyes are on her! She’s the Queen Bee of Scream Queens, that’s right, Leader of the Pack! With her witty lines on the TV show & her combo of glamour girl meets classy take on fashion, she dominates Scream Queens! Why not dominate Halloween Night as Chanel Oberlin and rule the night in style! Go ahead, take a chance!


1. Two Tone Shaggy Pink & White Faux Fur Coat is top of the line as only Chanel No. 1 would like, after all, she’s the leader of the pack!

2. Retro Silky Bow Tie Blouse is pretty and ultra feminine, just like Chanel.

3. Wavy, Curly, Oversized Round Butterfly Brown Sunglasses are large (in personality) & in charge like Chanel. As everyone knows, she’s the BOSS!

4. White, Peep Toe, T-Strap, High Heel Platform Sandals stands tall as Chanel makes the rules for the Chanels and everyone listens up, because she demands their attention!

5. Pink Shoulder Messenger Bag is the perfect fit for her outfit, as Chanel gets exactly what she wants, it’s her way or no way!

6. Houndstooth Above The Knee Pencil Skirt is always classy and in style as only Chanel the Queen Bee was meant to be!

Have a Happy Chanel-O-Ween!

Scream Queens: Chanel Number 5 Halloween Inspired Costume.

Cheers to fun TV Show inspired costumes! If you’re like me, you were super excited to watch Season 2 of Scream Queens the other day. Yes, the Chanels are back and they were dressed to perfection, Pink Power! However, we know the girls best when they were first introduced to us in Season 1 with their killer style. Imagine how fun it would be to dress up as Chanel Number 5, she is quite the Glamour Girl!

scream_queens_chanel_number_5_halloween_costume_idea1. Rhinestone Studded Cat Ear Headband is cuter than ever in all of its sparkling glory, MEOW!

2. Fluffy Pink Mohair Crop Top Sweater Jumper is cozy and is the perfect pop of pink!

3. Ribbon Glass Beads Choker Statement Necklace will make you outshine the rest!

4.  Pink Faux Fur Stole / Collar is fuzzy wuzzy goodness, pink positive!

5.  Baby Blue with Grey Rose Printed Pleated Midi Full Skirt is as girlie as it gets!

6.  Pink Chunky High Heel Faux Fur Suede Open Toe Ankle Strap Sandal will have you stepping in style, after all, it’s all in the details!

Have fun celebrating Halloween as Chanel No. 5 and you’ll be the cutest Scream Queen of them all in all of your glamour girl glory!

Be International: 12 World Traveler Halloween Costume Ideas!

Fasten your seat belts, international travelers! Time to get out your passports and pack your luggage! We’re about to take a trip around the world in these fun Traveler Halloween Costumes! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

world_map_traveler_womens_skater_dress_costumeThe Women’s Retro World Map Travel Skater Dress Costume will make you the jet setter you’ve always wanted to be!

womens_antique_world_map_bodycon_dress_traveler_costumeThe Women’s Antique world Map 1913 Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress has international girl written all over you! Why not wrap your curves in the world map that is sure to let you escape to another adventurous part of the world!

world_traveler_halloween_costumeThe Women’s World Traveler Costume will make you stand out and be ready for whatever fun adventure comes your way! You’ll keep warm, in style and ready to explore! How cute is the hat with the costume?!

mens_hawaiin_maps_shirt_costumeThe Men’s Hawaiin Maps Shirt Costume will have you at a luau in no time! Get ready to dance and have fun! Aloha!

wheres_waldo_male_costumeThe Where’s Waldo Male Adult Costume will have you constantly on the go and have everyone wondering where you’re off to next! Go ahead, let the explorer in you shine!

halloween_pet_costume_wheres_waldo_woofThe Where’s Waldo Halloween Pet Costume is so darn cute! Let your pet be the talk of the town and keep the other pets wondering how he or she gets to travel the world so often! Lucky pup, I guess!

wheres_waldo_women_dress_costumeThe Where’s Wanda Female Waldo Costume is quite the adventurous one! She’s always on the go and always stylish in the process! Go ahead, make your jet set dreams come true!;)

wheres_waldo_womens_costume_travelerThe Women’s Where’s Waldo Halloween Costume is playful and is always ready to go within a moments notice! She’s always prepared to explore and has fun tales upon returning from her many adventures!

antique_europe_map_skater_flare_dress_halloween_costumeThe colorful Women’s Antique Europe Map Flare Skater Dress Costume will keep heads spinning with the many adventures she has to tell as she twirls all about the world having a roaring great time! She has fun wherever she goes!

womens_world_map_sundressThe sexy Women’s World Map Travel Halloween Sundress costume will reveal which destination is perfect for you, the perfect fit to satisfy your jet set dreams!

unisex_world_map_snapback_hat_travel_costumeThe Unisex Cotton World Map Snapback Hat proves to be top of  the game as you explore the world! You’ll be one step ahead of making your travel dreams come true!

unisex_world_map_shirt_costumeThe Unisex World Map T-shirt has international traveler written all over it! Go ahead, be inspired by wearing the shirt and then take action and make your international dreams come true!


Be An Artist: 21 Art & Pop Art Halloween Costumes!

Halloween brings about colorful and vibrant costumes!  Go ahead and stand out from the crowd by wearing an artist costume! Vincent Van Gogh, Bob Ross and Pop Art can be quite the conversation piece at any Halloween event! Enjoy 21 fun ideas to bring about your inner artist!

womens_comic_strip_pop_art_skater_dress_costumeThe Women’s Pop Art Comic Strip Skater Dress Costume is bursting with colorful pop art!, excited to spark up dialogues, as it’s definitely a conversation piece! Holy comic strip!

womens_pop_art_costume_halloween_dressThe Women’s Pop Art Dress Costume is dainty and just sort of makes you want to twirl around and have fun while wearing this dress! Holy Halloween!

vincent_van_gogh_sweatshirtLet your inner artist shine outward while wearing this Women’s Vincent Van Gogh Sweatshirt & stay cozy all day and night.

van_gogh_starry_night_leggingsThe Van Gogh Starry Night Leggings will make you a shining star at your Halloween event, always a leg above the rest!

pop_art_girlThe Pop Art Girl Costume’s bright red, yellow and blue colors pop and you will definitely stand out in a crowd on Halloween and to complete the costume with the Women’s Pop Art Girl Wig will have you turning heads left and right all night long!

bob_ross_adult_costumeThe Bob Ross Adult Costume will have you in the artist mindset at once, one brush stroke at a time!

womens_tomato_soup_can_art_costumeThe super cute Women’s Tomato Soup Can Art Costume will allow you to be a work of art. Andy Warhol would be so proud!

men_andy_warhol_pop_art_wig_halloween_costumeThe Men’s Andy Warhol Pop Art Wig will have you in an artist state of mind, you’ll be ahead of the art scene! Why not add a black turtleneck and Warhol’s infamous clear glasses to complete the look! After all, an artist and his accessories go hand in hand!

mens_pop_art_costumeThe Men’s Pop Art Costume will bring out your witty side & have you bursting with vibrant colors, which will pop throughout the night!

pop_art_cutie_costume_halloween_womenThe Women’s Pop Art Cutie is quite the heartbreaker in all of its feminine glory. The Pop Art Women’s Standard Wig will be the perfect accessory to complete the look.

pablo_picasso_art_dog_halloween_costumeThis super cute Pablo Picasso Art Dog Costume will have your pet sitting pretty , definitely a work of art!

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-3-12-33-pmThe two-piece Women’s Van Gogh Starry Night Crop Tank Top and Pleated Skater Skirt Set will have you twirling the night away amongst the starry night!

pop_art_leggingsThe Pop Art Leggings will bring about a pop of color to your Halloween event with every stride! Holy Trick or Treat!

starry_night_van_gogh_tank_top_womenThe Women’s Van Gogh Starry Night Tank Top is quite the art piece & will make each evening a starry night!

womens_vincent_van_gogh_starry_night_pleated_skirtThe Women’s Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Pleated Skirt is a classy work of art and you’ll be shining like the star you are!

womens_pop_art_blazer_halloween_costumeThe Women’s Pop Art Blazer is a comic strip above the rest and will be the perfect pop of colors to add to your exciting Halloween night!

mens_comic_book_pop_art_blazerThe vibrant Men’s Comic Book Pop Art Blazer will allow you to be the best dressed style blazer in town!

mens_vincent_van_gogh_starry_night_shirtThe Men’s Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Shirt will have you glowing throughout the starry night!

womens_comic_strip_pop_art_halloween_costume_pleated_dress_1The structured Women’s Comic Strip Pop Art Pleated Dress Costume is prepared to make leaps and bounds with the colorful artwork!

womens_comic_strip_retro_skirtThe look of the Women’s Retro Comic Strip Pop Art Skirt Costume alone makes you want to twirl around and around, quite the conversation piece!

womens_pop_art_bodycon_dress_bang_zap_costumeThe fitted Women’s Pop Art Zap Bang Bodycon Dress Costume will certainly make a bang, zap, boom reaction when you walk into the room! After all, Halloween was meant for fun! Go ahead and show your true colors & allow your personality to pop!