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Funny Food, Drink & Snack Halloween Costumes.

Why not show your love for your favorite food on Halloween!  You’re sure to bring the fun to any Halloween event, which may bring on a whole lot of laughs!

Popcorn_Movie_Halloween_Costume_AdultThe Movie Night Popcorn is just in time for all the scary movies on Halloween!

Hot_Dog_Men_Costume_Adult_HalloweenThe Hot Dog Costume is sure to bring on laughter at any Halloween event!  This guy has a sense of humor!

The Coca-Cola Tank Dress is refreshing & well-fitted!

Taco_Costume_HalloweenThe Taco Costume is pretty funny, colorful & sure to stir up incredible laughter throughout the night!

Green_MM_Candy_Costume_HalloweenThe M&M Green Poncho Adult Costume is fun!  She’s full of laughs & doesn’t take herself too seriously!

Cupcake_Costume_Halloween_AdultThe Rasta Imposta Cupcake Costume is super sweet!  Be careful, she just might give you a toothache!;)

Cheeseburger_Costume_Halloween_AdultThe Cheeseburger Costume makes me laugh!  This guy is hilarious & easy to talk too, after all, he’s wearing a Halloween Costume, pretty easygoing!

Ketchup_Dress_Female_Womens_Halloween_CostumeThe Heinz Ketchup Dress is too cute for words!  Be sure to also check out the Men’s Ketchup Costume, it’s sure to bring on a lot of laughter!

Mustard_Adult_Halloween_Costume_MenThe Men’s Mustard Costume cracks me up, pretty funny!  Be sure to check out the Women’s Heinz Mustard Tank Dress Adult Costume, well-fitted & fun…quite cheerful!

How funny & cute is this French Fries Women’s Costume?

The French Fries Adult Costume is fun!  This guy has a great sense of humor & loves to have fun!

The Hot Sauce Women’s Costume is quite spicy!

The Men’s Sriracha Hot Sauce funny costume will keep you smiling all night long!

The Women’s Chinese Food Take Out Costume is hilarious & ready to be taken out to the best Halloween party! Let’s go!

The Men’s Chinese Takeout Costume is a whole box of fun!

Halloween Costume Idea: Be An Angel.

It seems that these costumes were heaven sent, just in time for Halloween!  Check out these angel costume which will surely have you floating on cloud nine!

Women_Angel_Goddess_Halloween_Costume_AdultThe Women’s Angel Goddess Costume is a fashionista from head to toe!  She’s floating on cloud nine after looking over her Halloween decorations!  She’s all set to host the best party on earth…this time!

Angel_Costume_Halloween_Adult_WomenThe Women’s Heaven’s Angel Costume is elegant, poised & confident!  She has pure intentions for a fun Halloween night!

Adult_Heaven_Costume_Women_Halloween_WingsThe Heaven Sent Costume is fun & flirty, she’s purely at the Halloween event to dance the night away!

deluxe_Angel_Adult_Halloween_CostumeThe Deluxe Angel Costume sheer presence brightens the day, she’s heaven sent!

White_Angel_Costume_Crystals_Rhinestone_CorsetThe White Angel Signature Costume is all diamonds & pearls, she’s quite fancy!  The costume is sparkly with rhinestone crystals throughout the corset!  She’s heaven sent…in a Rolls-Royce w/a chauffeur by request straight!

Fallen_Angel_Halloween_CostumeThe Fallen Angel – Elite Adult Collection Costume may have ruffled a few feathers because she marched to the tune of her own song!  Perhaps, she was just born to stand out; the darker wing colors!;)

French Maid Halloween Costumes.

Looking to have the best Halloween ever?  These costumes were Maid to perfection! Haha!

Maid_Halloween_Costume_AdultThe Maid Costume is flirty & fun!  She’s about to clean up the dance floor on Halloween night, dancing the night away!

Flirty_Maid_Halloween_Costume_AdultThe Women’s Fever Flirty French Maid Costume is dusting off her high heels to pair with this great costume to have a great Halloween!

Bunny_Maid_Costume_HalloweenThe Sexy Dust Bunny Maid Costume is clicking her heels to be off in time for the late night Halloween celebration!

Playboy_Maid_Costume_HalloweenThe Playboy Ma Cherie Maid Costume is well-traveled, speaks several languages & cleaning up to catch the best Halloween event ever!

Maid_Chamber_Sexy_Halloween_CostumeThe Chamber Maid Sexy Adult Costume is all tied up, I mean, laced up to attend the best Halloween party in town!

Maid_Costume_French_Halloween_CostumeThe Maid To Order French Maid Costume is fancy!  She had her Halloween costume tailor-made, maid to order!  She will stand out because no one else will have her costume!  I love how cutesy this costume is: frilly, fluffy & super girlie!

seductive_Maid_Costume_HalloweenThe Maid Costume stands out because it’s a classy bustier one-piece with plenty of attention paid to the details!

Raise Hell: Top 10 Devil Halloween Costumes.

Make Halloween one red hot night in these Top 10 Devilish Costumes!  Go ahead, turn up the heat!

Gothic_Devil_Female_Adult_Halloween_CostumeThe Gothic Devil Female Costume is fancy, shredded with confidence & will ensure one hell of a  Halloween party!

Hollywood_Devil_Halloween_Costume_Adult_FemaleThe Devil Hollywood Costume is all glamour!  This diva has style & looks red hot ready to party!

Hell_Devil_Adult_Female_Halloween_CostumeThe Hell With That Costume is a hell-raiser!  She’s too hot to handle!

Devil_Costume_Halloween_Adult_FemaleThe Devilicious Costume is couture & she is sure to raise hell in this red hot number!

Devil_Queen_Costume_Halloween_Adult_FemaleThe Devil Queen has all eyes on her when she raises hell all night long dancing the night away!

Night_Wing_Devil_Adult_Female_Halloween_CostumeThe Night Wing Devil Costume is flirty & fun!  She likes having fun & loves getting attention with her devilish smile!

Adult_Men_Devil_Costume_HalloweenThe Men’s Dashing Devil Costume is handsome & he’s not afraid to display his wicked style at any Halloween event!

Devil_Man_Costume_Halloween_AdultThe Dashing Devil Men’s Adult Costume stands out because he’s detailed oriented!  He made sure his cape was unique to be able to stand the heat of one hell-raising Halloween event!

Lucifer_Devil_Costume_HalloweenThe Men’s Lucifer Demon Satan Adult Devil Costume has one hell of a stylish wardrobe!  He enjoys being the center of attention!

Reversible_Angel_Devil_Costume_HalloweenThe Angel/Devil Reversible Costume is one hell of a deal, 2 for 1…score!  Raise hell at night & be the sweetest angel during the day!

Tasty Treats: Top 10 Chef & Take Out Halloween Costumes

Whip up one hot party for Halloween in the Chef Costumes & if you prefer your meal to go, there are also Take Out costumes…we also deliver!  Haha!

Adult_Sexy_Chef_Costume_HalloweenThe Too Hot Chef Adult Costume is gorgeous, I love the trim & collar!  This chef is sure to dish up a good Halloween Party & will have you coming back for more!

The Unisex Chef Halloween Costume is ready for any dish thrown his or her way!

womens_hot_and_spicy_chef_costumeThe Women’s Pink and White Chef Costume is sure to whip up the best party in town for Halloween!

Sexy_Hot_Adult_Chef_Halloween_CostumeThe Women’s Hot Chef Costume is sexy & sassy & will seduce you with her hot ingredients…spicy!

Adult_Master_Chef_Halloween_Costume_MensThe Men’s Master Chef Costume is sure to entice you over for another bite of his fantastic treats at his Halloween event…you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of him!

womens_sexy_chef_halloween_costumeThe Women’s Sexy Chef costume is saucy!  She prepares dishes so great in the kitchen, that you can’t help but want to kiss the chef!

red_and_black_mens_chef_costume_halloweenThe Men’s Red & Black Chef Costume is red hot cooking!

red_chef_costumeThe Kiss The Chef costume is red hot, sure to spice up your Halloween event! Be sure to request extra spicy if you can handle the heat!;)

Chinese_Take_Out_Halloween_CostumeThe Women’s Chinese Take Out Costume is if you don’t want to dine-in, she’ll have your hot dish ready to go!

Adult_Mens_Take_Out_Halloween_CostumeThe Adult Chinese Take Out Costume is prepared, packed & ready to go…to the next fun Halloween event!