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Halloween Costume Ideas: Wolverine & Storm in X-men.

I love the X-men movies & was inspired to put together a costume for Storm while looking online & seeing Eva from America’s Next Top Model in disguise during one of her October costumed birthday parties!
Halle_Berry_Xmen_Storm_Costume Eva_Storm_Xmen_Americas_Next_Top_Model
Items to become Storm for Halloween: Long White Wig w/bangs (or Short Wig), Long Black Gloves, X-men Storm Belt Buckle & Patent Leather Tight Sleek Bodysuit.
Long_White_Wig_Storm_Halloween_Costume Patent_Leather_Bodysuit_Halloween_Costume_Storm_Xmen

Wolverine was also one of my favorite characters in X-men!
Hugh_Jackman_Xmen_Wolverine_Costume Hugh_Jackman_Xmen_Wolverine_Costume_3
Here are a few costume pieces to complete his look: Wolverine Origins Adult Claws, Wolverine Costume WigWolverine Dog Tags, Indian Chief Head Belt Buckle and a pair of dark jeans & a white tank top & you’re all set.

Wolverine_Claws_Halloween_Costume_Ideas Wolverine_ Costume_Xmen_Wig_Halloween_Costume

Top 10 Disney Princess Halloween Costumes For Adults.

Wouldn’t it be fun to live out your own version of a fairy-tale, if only for a day?  Go ahead, make your dreams come true & turn your Halloween fantasy into your own reality.  Check out the Top 10 Disney Princess costumes I’ve found online.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 9.48.41 AMI absolutely LOVE this Disney Princess Tiana Costume from Cosplay, it’s the prettiest I’ve seen online & full-on glamorous!

Fairy_Tale_Pincess_Halloween_CostumeBe pretty in pink in this Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty Princess costume, pure sweetness.

Disney_Cinderella_Halloween_Costume_AdultI love this pretty pastel Disney Cinderella Adult Deluxe Costume.
Disney_Show_White_Adult_Costume_HalloweenBe as pure as the driven snow in this colorful Disney Snow White Deluxe Adult Costume .

Enchanting_Princess_Halloween_Costume_AdultHow glamorous is this Women’s Enchanting Cinderella Princess Costume ?

Disney_Princess_Belle_Adult_Costume_HalloweenHow gorgeous is this Disney Deluxe Princess Belle costume.  You’re sure to be the belle of the ball in this bright yellow costume.

Princess_Jasmine_Arabian_Nights_Adult_Halloween_CostumeI love this pretty pastel blue Princess Jasmine Adult Costume with the gold shimmery details, sheer beauty.

Mermaid_Halloween_Costume_Bling_SequinThis Deluxe Disney Princess Ariel Bling Sequin costume reminds me of a bit of Hollywood & a whole lot of Las Vegas, so sparkly, shiny & ultra glamorous…a very fancy mermaid for sure, she’s definitely getting noticed.
Sleeping_Beauty_Adult_Halloween_Costume_Princess_AuroraThis Super Deluxe Aurora Sleeping Beauty Costume is pretty in pink, sweet & charming.  Awaken your dreams within and make them your reality with this costume!
Disney_Princess_Pocahontas_Adult_Halloween_CostumeBe the chief reason you’re stunning in this Princess Pocahontas Disney Adult Costume, command your inner dreams into your own Princess reality.

As to being a princess, just last week I was thrown a surprise birthday & the theme was Princess including being crowned, given a sash & my mom sending a Disney Princess cake to the event & yes, I’m over 21, imagine that…fun! Haha!

Top 10 Couples Costumes For Halloween.

Wouldn’t it be cute if you and your significant other dressed with a theme for Halloween? Check out these super cute couples costumes to spark your imagination!

Princess_Halloween_CostumeThis Enchanting Princess costume is perfect with this Prince Charming costume, so cute!Prince_Charming_Halloween_Costume




screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-23-02-pm A Sexy Female Captain meets her match in the sky with this Men’s Sexy Flight Captain Costume…fly high!

Adult_Ghostbusters_Custome_Halloween_SetHow cute are these Adult Men’s Costume Adult Men’s Ghostbusters Costume& Women’s Sexy Ghostbuster Costume.  They are on a mission, one ghost at a time & best of all, they are together!

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-23-10-pmThis Supergirl Wonder Woman Adult Costume flew to meet her match, SuperMan Men’s Costume to save the world together!

Peanut_Butter_Jelly_Adult_Costume_Halloween_SetHow fun is this Peanut Butter And Jelly couple? So cute!  You can’t have one without the other…sweet!

Bacon_Egg_Couple_Costume_Halloween_SetHow funny is this Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume?  They are one hot pair & sure to add a bit of humor to any party or event.
Mickey_Minnie_Mouse_Adult_Halloween_Costume_Set__DisneylandHow fun!  Allow yourself to be transported to DisneyLand/DisneyWorld in this adorable Mickey & Minnie Mouse Costume.  You’ll be at the happiest place in the world, imagine the fun!


Slip on your go-go boots & get ready to dance the night away in this super cute 60s Go-Go Men’s costume & 60s Go-Go Women’s Costume!


The Women’s Miss America Independence Halloween Costume Dress and Men’s Uncle Sam Costume are quite the All-American couple of fun, ready to get the party started!

popeye_olive_oyl_costumes_couplesWhy not have fun and dress up as Popeye the Sailor Man & Olive Oyl for Halloween! If you’re a little modest and prefer a longer skirt and loose fitting top for the Olive Oyl costume! Be sure to bring your spinach, so that you’ll have plenty of energy dancing it up at any party you attend!

Okay, so the couple costumes are so cute that I added two bonus costumes!:-)

Egyptian_Male_Halloween_Costume_PharohHow Royal will it be to see this Men’s Pharaoh Egyptian Costume next to gorgeous Cleopatra!  You’ll be so cool while you rule & look great together!

Adult_Viking_Warrior_Princess_Halloween_CostumeThe Viking Warrior Princess will carry on the crusades together with Thor right by her side, quite the pair.Thor_Viking_Halloween_Costume

Top 10 Most Glamorous Mermaid Costumes For Halloween.

Are you a glamour girl or do you just want to look like one?  Well, Halloween is right around the corner & here are 10 of the most glamorous mermaid costumes I’ve seen.  These costumes are sure to stand out in a crowd.

Mermaid_Adult_Halloween_Costume The pink & aqua color combination makes this mermaid costume a standout piece, so pretty.

Mermaid_Costume_Adult_HalloweenThis green & gold mermaid vibrant costume sparkles with the gold sequin corset & will definitely get you noticed, ultra glamourous.  She looks like the head mermaid in charge.

Silver_Black_Mermaid_Adult_Costume_HalloweenI love this shimmery mermaid costume because of the rich silver & black scale appearance & because it’s so shiny & the beaded headpiece which comes with the costume makes a statement.

Sea_Siren_Mermaid_Halloween_CostumeThis Sea Siren Costume is one of my favorites because of the soft flow of the dress at the bottom…such a serene look while the star in the center is a sweet detail.

Atlantis_Beauty_Mermaid_Halloween_CostumeThis 2 piece mermaid costume is beautiful is incredibly gorgeous.  I love the separate pieces, low rise of the front & back of the form-fitting skirts as well as the ruffles at the bottom of the skirt.

Two_Piece_Mermaid_Halloween_Costume_NetThis two-piece mermaid costume is adorable.  I love that the bra top & skirt are covered with seashells and netting which truly makes this a unique costume.  The added bonus is the cute little seashell hair clip, love it.

Sea_Diva_Mermaid_Halloween_CostumeThe sequin mixed with shiny parts of this stretched gown along with the flowing layers of chiffon ruffled tail of this mermaid Sea Diva Costume is screaming notice me but in such an elegant way.

Sea_Goddess_Mermaid_Halloween_Costume_Pink_BlueI absolutely love this Mesmerizing Mermaid costume.  If you truly want to look like the Queen of the sea, then this pastel deluxe costume for you.  The beaded & glittery shell  headpiece is incredibly glamorous & stands out from the rest.  Plus it’s great for walking around and/or dancing because of the hi-low skirt.

Mystery_House_Mermaid_Costume_HalloweenThis Mermaid Deluxe costume
is so pretty because it sparkles at the top and reveals it’s scale appearance all over the skirt and is lined with ruffles, so pretty.  If you want a body conscious dress, then this dress if for you, it makes for a shapely figure.

Mermaid_Halloween_Costume_Bling_SequinThis Mermaid Bling Sequin costume
reminds me of a bit of Hollywood & a whole lot of Las Vegas, so sparkly, shiny & ultra glamorous…a very fancy mermaid for sure, she’s definitely getting noticed.